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Dare to Love Octogenarians

Encountered a lovely couple during my less-than-lovely graveyard shift. Both are in their mid-80s. Both were widowed in their late 60s after 40+ years of marriage. He decided to "try something new," and signed up for ballroom dance classes. She research dating tips on the Internet b/c "it had been so long." A mutual friend set them up, and they went ballroom dancing on their first date. He was busy trying to remember the steps and not step on her feet. She was busy trying to make eye contact b/c that showed interest (thank you, Internet). They shared stories over coffee afterwards. Both married each other in their early 70s. They have been happily married for twelve years now. "We're just so happy we found each other." (As he unearthed their wedding photo from his wallet.) What a tribute to the strength  of the human spirit, a force that triumphs after such devastating loss!  The human heart is unbelievably capable of limitless resilience. May