Spunky Geriatric People

I love spunky geriatric people! Today's encounters:
1. Little ol' lady who had just turned 101. She was deaf as a doorknob and completely demented. But gosh darnit if her shoes didn't match her clothes and her nails weren't painted red! ❤️
2. Incredibly put-together lady in her 70s. Living with her late-50s boyfriend. He had pneumonia, and she was completely fine, chugging along, completely active...amazing.
3. My cabbie this evening is turning 78 this weekend. He's been driving for 40 years. His car looked a few lifetimes old, but he showed up in a suit and tie. As he ziplined between cars and traffic (and I held on for dear life), he told me about his late wife. And how he juggles his two current girlfriends with working sixty hours a week. Both girlfriends will be spending his birthday with him.

Lesson learned: BE EXCITED about something. Anything. And you're only as "old" as you allow yourself to be. The only limit to anything is you. So go make the most of your life...whatever that means for you.


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