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Not Enough Sex

They met in high school. She was a sophomore and he was a senior. They dated for a year; a whirlwind romance, they say. Her father didn't approve. He passed away, so they married a year later (instead of eloping, she winks).

And here they are. Fifty years later. A date fifty years ago might been sneaking out for an ice cream or watching a movie at the drive-in. A date today is a couple, crazy as ever for each other, walking hand-in-hand into the exam room for their Medicare wellness exams.

We discuss the various items on the Medicare checklist.
Activity: good.
Teeth: no dentures.
Vision: need glasses.
Incontinence: none.
Falls: none.
Just write "ditto" on my chart to everything she says, he chuckles.
We continue on.
Sleep: great.
Mood: great.
Sex: She looks at him. "We have it," she says. He looks back at me and snorts "not enough."

Fifty years, and some things apparently haven't changed.