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She Chose Karaoke Over Dialysis

A 60-year old lady came for follow-up after a recent stay in the hospital. She was diabetic, horribly uncontrolled, the result of which was that she had already been on dialysis for four years. She ended up in the emergency room with chest pain. Diabetic patients are at higher risk than the general population of having heart attacks. She underwent studies to evaluate for blockages in her heart. The cardiologist found one big blockage but a stent could not be placed because of tricky anatomy. She was started on medicines for the blockage and for blood pressure. At first glance on meeting her, I would never have guessed that she was a lady who had gotten sick. She was incredibly put-together with a vibrant personality. Her hair was dyed and styled. She wore makeup and red lipstick. Her clothes were colorful and matched her jewelry. Her shiny, crimson nails matched her lips. I asked her how she was feeling.  "Fine," she said.  I asked her if she was experien

The Secret To Happiness

I believe that I have discovered the secret to happiness. 😃😊 I can share my personal experience. The secret to happiness is stop being a victim of everyone and everything that happens to you. The secret is to empower yourself to be the master of your life. This is 110% in your own hands. Choose how you react to all your situations, past and present. Bad memories, bad people, disagreement with friends or family, unforeseen events (like getting robbed or a car accident, waiting in line, traffic, etc) -- these things are inevitable and happen to every single person on this planet. Anyone who tells you their life is roses is lying. You can let these things consume you. But then you have given up your power to those things and they own you. Or, You can stop giving your power away to negative energy. You can choose to grow from it and be a bigger person than the person/thing/event that wronged you. Growth means accepting what you can't change. Growth means opening y