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Accident: Part 1

I am a physician but I am a patient too. On February 1, 2019, I was driving to clinic, where I had a packed schedule of patients to see. I was driving straight in the extreme left lane. I was one exit away from work when I suddenly noted the smell of rubber burning followed by a horrendous screech. Immediately thereafter, my car was impacted on the right side and subsequently swerved into the middle divider before spinning 270 degrees back onto the freeway against oncoming traffic.  Once my vehicle stopped, a pickup truck pulled up to me, the driver glared into my car and drove off. My immediate thought was that I had been in a hit and run, and he was running. Shards of glass glistened like dew across the interior of my car. I sifted through them to locate my cellphone.  A woman approached my window and instructed me to roll my window down. My trembling fingers searched for the button. The window had barely opened a crack and she said “My goodness!! Are you okay? I saw everyth