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Trump’s Not the Only One With Legal Troubles

Well, Trump is not the only one with legal battles today. I, too, was in court to clear my good name. I was accused of running a red light and being in the intersection at the red light. I had turned left on a yellow, which was very short, and ultimately turned red when I was in the intersection.  My defense team (aka me, Google and my attorney brother) researched the case and came up with talking points and precedent cases. (Law is super fascinating, by the way!) The short version of my statement is that this particular yellow light was set shorter than the guidelines recommended by the CA Manual on Traffic Control Devices.  I pleaded “not guilty” via Trial by Declaration. I was unfortunately informed that I was still guilty and I can choose to do traffic school. I requested a Trial de Novo and prepared my defense. Being a “legal deviant” is new territory for me, so the amount of anxiety leading up to this court date was at an all-time high. In anticipation of getting los

All About Sleep

Halfway through January and I’m getting so many complaints of poor sleep. . 💡 Why do we sleep? Research is ongoing but from what we do know — restoration of body and mind. This includes musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, immune and cognitive/memory functions. There may be a link with poor sleep and dementia. . 💡 Phases of sleep: NonREM and REM sleep: stage 1 nonREM—> stage 2 nonREM —> stage 3 nonREM (“deep”) —> stage 2 nonREM—> REM. REM largely occurs the two cycles before waking, which is why you wake up thinking “I had the strangest dream...” . 💡 How much sleep is recommended? Per National Sleep Foundation guidelines, adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. You know you got enough when you don’t experience daytime sleepiness. . 💡 Factors that can affect impact sleep quality (incomplete list): Sleep apnea, heart failure, asthma or emphysema, restless legs syndrome, shift work disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, caffeine, alcohol,