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Fourteen Days of Frontline Pandemic Life

Fourteen days of social distancing have passed. Emotions are high all around. The wicked foreboding of the mysteriously menacing novel Coronavirus has spared no one. Everyone is scared. The cleaning staff, scrubbing and wiping just one more time. The techs, maintaining stoicism behind masked faces. The patients, eyes darting with fear. The nurses, bravely caring for their patients. The reality is that the physicians are scared too. We are all clouded in the worry that either we will get sick or compromise the health of a loved one at home. Human beings are social creatures. The dinners or parties bursting with the melody of bustle and chitter-chatter are enticing to us all. Unfortunately these very events that connect us have the potential to kill us today. Breathe the air of an infected person less than six feet away and Coronavirus settles in, like a fine dust. It will inveigle its entry into the lungs and ultimately result in insidious cytokinetic demise.  Despite the socia