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Gratitude in Crisis

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions the last few weeks. I started in the hospital when our cases were starting to creep up.  The fear.  The anguish.  The uncertainty.  The anger. The sadness. The crazy dreams. The donning.  The doffing.  The decontamination process.  The week I was on Hospitalist, I signed 3 death certificates (nonCovid) and I sent 2 patients to ICU (1 Covid). Needless to say, I came home every night feeling sad and powerless, knowing this Covid19 beast has us pretty defenseless.  We are trying some therapies but nothing is showing dramatic or rapid improvement enough to gain FDA approval. The patient I sent to ICU stayed there for over two weeks and finally was released. I had a telephone follow-up appointment with her. She was extremely thankful to me and the rest of the hospital staff. She choked up and started crying and naturally I started crying too. Relieved she lived to tell the tale. Scared for how many will not make it. Grateful