The Backbone of Medicine

The practice of Medicine requires the practice of human connection. 

Our medical practices certainly have changed in light of Coronavirus. Office appointments have changed to telephone appointments. Certainly the majority of communication is nonverbal. Telephone appointments create limitations in the sense of no eye contact, no face reading and no body language.

So I practice the best I can. I make small talk. I ask the person on the other end *who* they are, what they do, how they’re coping with the current situation.

People have generally been a little less chatty than usual since Covid19. Once in a while, someone bites and we segway into their past life, their hobbies, the bowling league and their spouse. 

I cherish these conversations. 

These conversations are a window into the other person’s life and, by default, a window into their health.

These conversations are also a reminder to me that I am human too. And it’s great to connect with other humans.

I have my theories about the future direction of Medicine. What remains constant is that humanity is the backbone of Medicine. Moreover it is the backbone to healing both patient and physician.


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