This Is Not an America Problem

Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate against gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. And yes, this is America, and America currently has the highest count of Covid19 infections and deaths.

This is not an America problem. This is an all of humanity problem. Other countries have implemented mask-wearing too 😷

At present time in the USA, we have more infected people than we have ICU beds. By not wearing a mask, you are saying that your individual right to choose to wear one is greater than the risk of anyone else’s life. If you feel that is patriotic and helps you sleep at night, that is your choice and your responsibility to bear.

But please don’t show up to the hospital demanding full care when you’ve refused to follow simple preventative measures.

There are people displaced from their homes, unemployed, sick, dying, etc. It’s a privilege that wearing a mask is the biggest discomfort in our lives right now.

Happy Memorial Day — let’s remember everyone who gave their lives for us and have the decency to prevent further unnecessary deaths.


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