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Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

Hey, you. Yes, you.  You who think wearing a mask doesn’t apply to you. You who states you have a medical condition by which wearing a mask threatens your life. And you who thinks wearing a mask is “political.” Let’s get clear on some facts. Surgeons have been wearing masks since 1937 and anesthesiologists have been wearing masks since 1957. Eighty plus years of mask-wearing and to date, no surgeon or anesthesiologist has been reported dead from wearing masks during hours and hours of surgery. Also to date, none of the hundreds of thousands nurses and physicians wearing masks caring for patients in Covid19 units have died from wearing masks. The brain has receptors to detect carbon dioxide and oxygen levels and automatically compensates if it detects abnormal levels. You probably don’t even realize it. It’s why you can’t hold your breath as long as you want no matter what. It’s why you start breathing harder if    you’re at a higher altitude. These mechanisms a