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Case Study Follow-Up

 Last week I wrote a blog post about how misogyny is alive and well in the medical profession and society as a large. My post was viewed >47,000 times and shared 152 times. (I tried to post as much as IG would allow but it’s incomplete here. Link to full post in bio.) There has been much discussion on this topic and I have had several days to think over this issue. The first rebuttal I’ve heard is that, well, the company apologized so they should be forgiven. Let me ask you this. If I were in a relationship with an abusive partner, would you tell me to forgive and forget? If I were in an abusive workplace, would you tell me to give grace? Sure, forgiveness is a tool that we can use to set ourselves free. But should you forget someone’s colors after they’ve shown them to you? Some of you are probably thinking “well was that really abuse?” The answer is YES. Being demeaned and the subject of a “joke” based on your gender and credentials is abuse. The partner who tells you that you’re

Misogyny: A Case Study

CC: female physician wearing scrubs #wearfigs   HPI: Released ad for their scrubs x 1 day Portrayed female physician as (in no particular order):                 Dumb                 Very very young                 White female                 Waif thin                 Wearing stereotypical bubble gum Barbie pink scrubs                 Reading “Medical Terminology for Dummies” upside down                 Video ad with a couple of close-up shots of said female’s posterior and pelvis                 ID badge identifies this person as a “DO” physician            Scrub company owned by females   PMHx: In 2015, there were 859,848 total active physician across all specialties. 292,003 were women = 34% of the physician workforce. -à‪‬   In 2019, male physicians still outnumber female doctors, 64% to 36%. -à