Happy Thanksgiving

 On Jan 1, 2020, I dragged myself to the gym by 9 am. A brand new year. Always feels so full of promise. During my cool down, I reflected on everything I wanted to achieve in my personal and professional lives. I felt so hopeful and determined. Little did I know just two months later, everyone’s lives would be in disarray.

I have weathered some tough times in life but 2020 has definitely been the toughest. Learning about a virus I didn’t study in medical school. Shelter in place. Families and friends separated. Sickness, so much sickness, with slow recoveries. The conspiracy theories that are literally killing people. Government’s haphazard careless response to the pandemic. #BLM and I’m still learning how to be an ally. Election drama. 3rd surge of Covid19, worse than the first. People out partying like it’s 1999 and healthcare workers and capacity stretched beyond comfort. 

Thanksgiving is usually my family’s favorite holiday. I’ve been cooking our family turkey since 2012. In light of surging cases, my family made the unpleasant but necessary decision to cancel our get-together. I am sad but I know I would be sadder if anything happened to anyone I love.

This morning, my husband and I shared with each other the things for which we are grateful. We are grateful for health, each other, family, good friends, the opportunities we’ve had, the opportunities we are creating, the ability to make a difference in the world. After breakfast, we sat on the couch scrolling through Black Friday deals. All of this (window) shopping feels pointless.

I realize that I am not in need of anything tangible.

So let this pandemic Thanksgiving be a reminder that what we really need...is each other. We need to work as a cohesive team to beat Covid19. We need to care for our neighbors as we care for ourselves. We all can continue to keep our beautiful world beautiful. Together.

Smile. Care. Love. Extend kindness.

We will get through but only together.



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