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Physician and Gig Economy

  ⚡️ Fascinating study published in Medscape regarding 40% of physicians in pursuit of additional income via side income streams. ⚡️ Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians were amongst those most likely to have side gigs. In Medscape’s 2022 Physician Burnout & Depression Report, 48% of Internal Medicine and 51% of Family Medicine physicians reported burnout.  ⚡️ Real estate and investment advice are the most common nonmedical side gigs. ⚡️ 48% of physicians with side gigs are looking for additional income. Pursuing a hobby, having fun and preparing for retirement are other reasons for side gigs. ⚡️ 49% reported that their side gig was as equally fulfilling as their clinical job.  💥  I interpret this trend as a general reflection of the state of Medicine today: decreased insurance reimbursements, increased administrative metrics, increased bureaucracy, private equity meddling in healthcare, EMR, customer satisfaction surveys, the erosion of the sacred physician-patient re